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Join the fastest growing Creative Community on the Sunshine Coast, a not-for-profit, arts advocacy organisation which promotes the value of creative enterprise and artistic expression as drivers of innovation, business, culture and regional identity.

Why should I become a Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance Member?

Your membership helps support our local community and allows us to continue promoting and advocating for the Creative Industry in and around the Sunshine Coast through promotions, events, workshops and other activities.

We attract funding from Local Councils, State Government and other bodies because of our healthy membership. The more members we have, the more support we can provide.

Other benefits of membership include:

  • Discounted pricing for SCCA events;
  • Fundraising advise for your creative projects;
  • Voting rights and opportunities to provide input into the direction and strategies of the Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance;
  • Potential to collaborate in cross-disciplinary art projects and events;
  • Scope to contribute as a volunteer to support artists and the creative industries sector;
  • Access showcase opportunities¬†for you or your organisation;
  • Direct access to the best network for creatives and innovators on the region.

Join the Creative Alliance today and help grow the Sunshine Coast as a creative community.

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